Applied Learning: STEM + Computer Science Programs

In order to qualify for the GEM program, a student must meet the following requirements based on the Florida Standards Assessment (FSA):

Although the district requirements for entrance into the GEM program are based on the FSA scores stated above, the District is strongly recommending students enroll in the GEM program ONLY if they earned:

The Pre-Algebra Readiness Assessment was administered to students in the 5th grade to provide you with additional data to assist you in deciding on the appropriate placement for your student in mathematics for 6th grade.

If your child is going into 6th grade and qualifies for the GEM program, you may select either Advanced 6th Grade Math or GEM-6 Math. Both courses accelerate the student in mathematics, allowing them to eventually reach the highest levels of mathematics in high school, AP Calculus and AP Statistics.

6th Grade Mathematics Program Choices

1. Advanced Math Program

The Advanced Math Program is designed to accelerate students one year in mathematics. Students in Advanced Math, take Advanced 6th Grade Math and Advanced 7th Grade Math. In these two courses, students will be taught 6th, 7th, and 8th grade standards in two years. Successful completion of these two courses is intended to prepare the students for Algebra I Honors in 8th grade. The score a student earns on the Algebra 1 End-of-Course Exam will count as 30% of the Algebra 1 Honors course grade.

Advanced Math Program Course Progression

2. GEM Program

The GEM Program is designed accelerate students two years in mathematics. Since some students are already good technicians, they can follow rules and apply those rules to routine exercises. GEM students need to go one step further, analyzing non-routine problems and digging beneath the surface in order to see the beauty, elegance, and application of the mathematics being learned.

GEM Program Course Progression

Sixth grade GEM requires students to take a District Midterm and Final Exam, which account for 25% of their grade.

Seventh and eighth grade GEM require students to take a district midterm and a State End-of-Course Exam (EOC).

Any high school courses taken in middle school will be included in the students weighted and unweighted high school GPA.

3. Elements of Mathematics Program (EMF)

Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) is pleased to partner with the Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (IMACS) to offer the Elements of Mathematics: Foundations (EMF) curriculum to select students in the GEM program. The BCPS/EMF pilot program covers all of middle and high school math up to, but not including, Calculus, plus significantly more advanced mathematics, during 6th through 8th grades. A limited number of seats are available at the start of each academic year. For more information on this program and how your child may qualify, visit

GEM Contact Information

Alexandra Bayuk- Secondary Mathematics Supervisor

Secondary Learning Department
600 Southeast 3rd Avenue, 5th Floor

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301