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General Elementary Middle High

Biology textbook coverTextbook:  Nowicki, Biology, Florida ed 2012 (Holt McDougal)

If you have any questions about Biology, please contact Dr. Merilyn Johnson via CAB.

Square red icon  NEW – Biology 1 EOC Fact Sheet 2012-13 (uploaded 11/28/12)Biology1EOCFactSheet2012-13

Square red iconNEW — NGSSS for Science – Updates/clarifications 9/21/12 (download here)

  • The update impacts ALL science content areas in 9-12 since it includes clarifications (remarks/examples) for many of the “vague” benchmarks within each Body of Knowledge (Nature of Science, Physical Science, Earth Science, and Life Science). For a few benchmarks, FLDOE included the Common Core Connection for both Literacy and Math.
  • For example: SC.912.N.1.1 has extensive examples/remarks (never before given) and the CCSS connection at the end (p. 2).
  • Where Biology EOC is concerned: the updates/clarification:
    • Identified the Annually Assessed benchmarks on the EOC (nothing new here, all in the test item specs.)
    • Provided examples/remarks on all of the Nature of Science BOK – “N” benchmarks including recently changed SC.912.N.2.1 regarding science, non-science and pseudoscience. (good to know)
    CCSS connections in Literacy and Math for a few benchmarks – download here
  • PARCC assessments will be here in 2014-2015 for Math and English Language Arts. There is no common core assessment for science (yet) unless the EOC is “grandfathered” in with major changes.

Square red iconBiology Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – click here

Square red iconNEW: Biology Curriculum Map (aka Instructional Focus Calendar)

  • 8/14/12 revision changes:
    • Improved alignment to Biology Test Items Specifications
    • Includes benchmark clarifications and content limits
    • Suggested Learning Goals are provided (Marzano)
    • Expanded focus on plants
    • Merger between Honors and Regular with important info in Teacher Notes section for Honors Curriculum
  • 8/17/12 Revised Biology IFC – Version II. This Curriculum Map is fully aligned to the recently released 2012 Biology EOC Test Item Specifications Version II. Please note the changes are clearly identifiable for your teachers in the following ways:
    • Header now states Version II and most recent revision date 8/16/12 in footer
    • Benchmark Clarifications (Learning Goals) Column where omissions have been stricken through and additions are in blue.
    • Inclusion of Unit 17: Human Impact on Ecosystems
    • The Key Terms / Vocabulary sections on pages 24 and 25 have also been updated.
    • Hyperlinks to www.classzone.com have been fixed
  • Download the latest revised Curriculum Map here – – BiologyIFC_Version2-08162012

Square red iconAP Biology –

Video series that supports the AP Bio curriculum from Bozeman Science on YouTube – but as you know the District has to block that site for reasons of CIPA compliance. Thanks to Doug Pearce, they’ve been re-posted on the Broward School’s web server at the following URL: http://www.broward.k12.fl.us/apbiovideos/

Square red iconBiology End of Course Exam SpecificationsBioEOC_Test_Item_Specs_Version2-2012

Square red icon    Biology End of Course ReviewThis site has questions, videos and tutorials aligned to the benchmarks and reporting categories accessible by both teachers and students.  http://www.ecsd-fl.schoolloop.com/biologyeocreview

Square red iconBiology Lesson Plans in BEEP Click here (with direct links) – login using your BEEP username/password

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Biology Resources in BEEP – Click here for directions on how to access the following resources:

    • Assessments
    • Interactive Reader
    • Lesson Plans
    • Pre AP
    • Reinforcements
    • Resources
    • Study Guide
    • Labs
    • Power Points
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    • Projects
    • Spanish Resources & Labs
    • PowerPoints

Square red iconBiology Resources EOC Preparation with Jo Combs – Video, PowerPoint, Files, Thematic Unit for EOC; EOC Exam vodcast – page from wiki

Square red iconPowerPoints are now in BEEP, along with other resourcesClick here for directions on how to access

Square red icon    Animated Video Tutorialshttp://www.sumanasinc.com/webcontent/animations/biology.html

Square red iconWebsite for Online Text and Resources: TE via BEEP or Classzone – http://www.classzone.com

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