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Earth Structures, Processes, and HistoryArticles from the Science Scope Archives (NSTA).  The following are downloadable pdf’s.

  • Science Sampler: Connecte2d Teaching—A comprehensive resource for teaching science using earthquakes (March 2007) — The Connecte2d Technology website is an all-inclusive web resource linking the study of earthquakes and engineering design to middle school science, mathematics, and technology. Through the use of interdisciplinary activities and hands-on projects, such as those provided by this website, students can engage in authentic problem-solving situations that will help develop their understanding of earthquakes, the impact earthquakes have on humans, and how structures can be made more earthquake-resilient. All materials are free to the public and can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection.
  • Why Earth Science?  (May 2004) — Nearly everything that we do each day is connected in some way to Earth—to its land, oceans, atmosphere, plants, and animals. To fully understand and appreciate our planet, students need to learn about its processes, its resources, and its environment. In 2004, the American Geological Institute (AGI) developed the “Why Earth Science?” brochure to help teachers, parents, and school boards to understand the value of Earth and space science to life, citizenship, and careers.
  • Science Sampler: Fossil patterns in time (February 2011) — This lesson works well as an introduction to Earth history, when students are asked to consider time periods of millions and billions of years. It would be a most helpful experience when introducing fossils, as part of an overview of the diversity of life, or before an introduction to evolution in life science. With this preparation, you can then easily introduce evolution as a testable explanation for what is consistently found in the fossil record. To be most effective, the lesson is best presented by roughly following the 5E instructional model. Furthermore, the material described here is merely an overview, intended to give you the flavor of the lesson.