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Science Professional Development

General Elementary Middle High

Elementary Professional Development:

Fall 2015

Title Pts.  November  December
STEM Problem Based Learning (MEA) 8 December 10 (Thursday)
Science Benchmark Unwrap and Rewrap 8
Science Interdisciplinary Literacy 8 November 4 (Wednesday)
Effective Use of Science Journals 8 December 2 (Wednesday)
STEM Inquiry Investigations 8 December 3 (Thursday)
Intro to Computer Science PreK-5  8 November 4 (Wednesday)
November 21 (Saturday)
December 12 (Saturday)
STEM PBL Life Science K5 8 November 5 (Thursday)
STEM PBL Matter (Properties) 8 November 18 (Wednesday)
STEM PBL Earth Science K5 8 November 19 (Thursday)
Intro to 3D Design and Printing 8 December 9 (Wednesday)
Project Learning Tree 8
Project GLOBE 8
Intermediate Computer Science*Grades 3–8 Prerequisite: Intro to Computer Science 8 December 8(Tuesday)



Science Coaches at workshop

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