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Science Olympiad

SCIENCE OLYMPIAD information for Middle and High Schools

I would like to invite you to compete in the nation’s largest K-12 science competition:  Science Olympiad!

Science Olympiad is a nationally recognized science competition for middle and high school students that is fully correlated to the Next Generation Science Sunshine State Standards. All of our events are team based, interactive, and include strong authentic assessment.  Students engage in pre-build engineering events, laboratory experiments, and research activities that provide a strong foundation for a future career in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Schools are allowed to enter as many 15-member teams as they would like.  Each team competes in 23 different events that are as diverse as Rotor Egg Drop, Forensics, Forestry, Maglev, and Experimental Design. Common among the events is the fact that the students have fun and are motivated to learn science!

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I would like to invite you and your science staff to explore how Science Olympiad can be used to motivate your students and help improve FCAT Science Scores.  Team registration is only $235 and includes membership to enter competitions at our regional, state, and national tournaments.

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Mike McKee
State Director, Florida Science Olympiad


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