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Science & Engineering Fair Philosophy

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The Broward County Regional Science and Engineering Fair (BCRSEF) has been established to increase student motivation and interest in Science, and to provide for public recognition of outstanding students in Broward County. The Science Fair Committee believes this annual event offers students:

We believe this annual event challenges students to develop self-direction. Education is not only the acquisition of knowledge and skills, but also a dynamic lifelong process in which students use their knowledge and skills to solve problems or to attempt to answer questions their curious minds may ponder.

FCAT Connection: The Florida State Comprehensive Achievement Exams in Math, Language Arts and Science are all reinforced by the hands-on application of math, science and language arts in the science fair project. While we recognize that vast amount of work that goes in to the successful completion of each project, we acknowledge the far-reaching implications of its impact on student learning and encourage students, teachers and parents to participate in this exercise of higher thought processes. It is clear that a greater majority of these exams is the application of real science and math to every-day situations. The science fair recreates this opportunity for real-time application of these content areas.