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ExamView — If you have a new Mac OS (Lion), you will not be able to use ExamView. We are working with the publisher to provide us the latest ExamView version.

  • HMH statement: Compatibility with OS 10.7 (Lion) and OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) Frequently Asked Questions — Rosetta, which has allowed Intel-based Macs to run PowerPC (PPC) software since 2006, will no longer be part of Apple OS 10.7 (Lion) or OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion). This will not only render apps written prior to the Intel switch unusable – it will also prevent software installers and application updaters that depend on PPC code from running. Consult the remainder of this technical note for information on how Apple’s decision to not include Rosetta with OS 10.7 (Lion) and OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) will affect software from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. http://customercare.hmhco.com/product/techsupport/CCTechSupportSearchResults.html?isid=51847&prog=1294821229
  • For Mac OS 10.6 or 10.5: You can download ExamView from Think Central.

Edmodo – http://broward.edmodo.com

  • Do you know Edmodo? Edmodo is a free online class management website where teachers and students can interact with each other. Users can check grades, assignments, and write posts to classmates, teachers, and parents. Teachers are also able to post grades and assign homework to students. Students can submit homework and view their grade and any comments the teacher may have posted about their assignment. Teachers can also create polls and post topics for discussion among the students. Create a teacher Edmodo account today — most professional development classes now require an Edmodo account for class interaction and follow-up submission.
  • Download directions here (if you need your school code, email Rebecca Malones via CAB): Edmodo_SignUp 3
  • How to submit assignments in Edmodo: http://help.edmodo.com/create-an-assignment/

47 Alternatives to Using YouTube in the Classroom
Some excellent educational content can be found on YouTube.  However, many teachers cannot access YouTube in their classrooms. This list (with direct links) provides alternative video sites for teachers.  Two examples:

  1. School Tube is a website dedicated to the sharing of videos created by students and teachers. School Tube allows teachers and schools to create their own channels for sharing their students’ works. School Tube also provides excellent how-to resources, copyright-friendly media, and lesson plans for using video in the classroom.
  2. Teacher Tube has been around for a while now, but I still run into teachers who have not heard of it. Teacher Tube provides user generated videos for teachers by teachers. Many of the videos on Teacher Tube have teachers sharing lesson plans in action. Some videos on Teacher Tube are simply inspirational. And other videos don’t have teachers or students in them, but contain educational lessons none the less.

Online Resources ListsFree Technology for Teachers — Excellent lists of various online resources/technology related info for teachers.

Interactive Science Websites for Kids, Games, Experiments, Projects.  More than 450 free interactive science websites for kids and high school students, with games, lessons, experiments and projects. These mostly free sites help K-12 students learn earth sciences, animal, human and plant biology, astronomy, and high school physics — even computer science and engineering.  Many include science simulations and lesson plans for teachers.

Free Science Apps for iPad & Android — for Kids.  These 37 free science apps for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices provide new tools for kids and students to learn about and explore the physical world – stars, subatomic particles, animals, cells, elements – even the principles of physics.



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