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What is STEM?

STEM is the application of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics into an inquiry-based interdisciplinary approach to learning.

In STEM, connections are made between the various disciplines and content is learned in context to the topic being studied and not as an isolated curriculum.

In Broward County Public Schools STEM classrooms, students use critical thinking skills and creativity along with their knowledge of science, math, engineering, and technology to solve problems and generate new ideas. STEM classrooms can be part of Science courses, Math courses, Computer Science, many Career and Technical Education courses, and many other curricular areas. STEM is often implemented through extracurricular clubs that afford students opportunities to apply their content knowledge through problem solving.

Why is deliberate attention to STEM important in K-12 education?

Globalization has resulted in the movement of jobs to countries with lower-wage workers.  In order to compete globally, the United States must ensure that our students have the skills needed for the knowledge-based economy of the 21st century.  Research on job growth show that in the next few years 15 of the 20 fastest growing jobs will require substantial math and science preparation.  But when compared to other students on international tests of math and science, US students performed 25th in math and 21st in science of 30 industrialized nations.

Based on the data, it has become clear that schools that provide a rich environment of challenging courses in math and science, and support student growth in these STEM fields are successful in preparing students for future positions, decisions and coursework

Research shows that students who had research experiences in high school, who undertook an apprenticed mentorship or internship, and whose teachers connected the content across different STEM courses were more likely to complete college in a STEM major than their peers who did not report these experiences.  While not all students may be attending colleges or universities, it is understood that STEM-based decisions have become increasingly important as they power our economy and constitute fundamental aspects of our lives as citizens, workers, consumers, and parents.

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